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All My Cars
by John R. Coles

The cars in my life and my life in those cars. Some of these cars I found. Some of these cars found me. It was never my plan to collect cars. In my life, cars just happened. Some of my cars were exciting to own. Some were embarrassing to drive. Each car seems to symbolize what was happening in my life at any given time. So far, I have owned over thirty cars. It has been one amazing ride.

Footprints on the Banks of Sycamore Creek
by John R. Coles and Carolyn Adcock-Smith

This is a true story about real people. It is a story of love and laughter, pain and loss. It is a tale of hearty pioneers who had the courage and determination to seek and secure a better life on the American frontier. Carter Adcock traveled from Virginia to Tennessee in the early 1800s. He married the love of his life, Adelia, in 1817. They settled along Sycamore Creek which flows beneath the lush forested hills of Middle Tennessee. What followed were fights, feuds and fox hides; ghosts, goblins and bush whackers; wars and the Great Depression. Through it all, the family survived and held to their belief in God, the land and better days ahead.

Movie Theaters of South Carolina
by John R. Coles and Mark C. Tiedje

John Coles and Mark Tiedje take readers on a humorous and insightful journey through time. They spent ten years traveling to cities and towns across South Carolina gathering information. They trace the state’s movie theaters from the grand opera houses and early storefront theaters, through the golden age of cinema, to the decline and disappearance of the downtown movie theater.

The book is filled with photographs and personal stories; sections on African American theaters, mill village theaters, military theaters, marketing, and forgotten local films.

Movie Theaters of South Carolina reveals what makes South Carolina’s movie theater history different from that of other regions in the country.

Movie Theaters of Charleston
By John R. Coles and Mark C. Tiedje

From the earliest nickelodeons, to small store-front theaters, and theaters built exclusively for motion picture exhibition, this book contains of the stories of the dreamers, entrepreneurs and businessmen who built Charleston’s entertainment industry. To order, CLICK HERE

Leave A Trail - by John R. Coles
Leave A Trail - (Kindle Edition)
by John R. Coles

A memoir of the first thrity-seven years of the author. Growing up in Nashville in the 1950s, failing at two attempts at college, getting drafted, starting a jug band, teaching at a university, playing Yatzee at the Edge of America, and finally, finding love, this story makes its own trail with a few laughs along the way.

Share a Trail
by John R. Coles

The trail continues. This book picks up where "Leave A Trail" ended and follows the author as he meets his partner, Mark, gets and loses several jobs, and survives a hurricane, a garden club, and two fiftieth high school reunions. Covering thirty-one years and many miles, "Share a Trail" is a memoir of a non-celebrity who learned the joy and pain of an average, but not ordinary life.

South Carolina Movie Theaters

This website covers the history of South Carolina's single-screen movie theaters. The content includes collected memories, theater histories and photographs, theaters listed by city, drive-in theaters listed by city, and profiles of the men and women who owned and managed these places of entertainment.

Tommy Dix: The Voice that Amazed America

Tommy Dix is best remembered for his starring role, opposite Lucille Ball, in the M-G-M musical Best Foot Forward. In that movie, as well as in the original Broadway production, he sang Buckle Down Winsocki. With this site, we honor his broader career and talent. His generous help has enabled us to share some rare audio recordings unheard for many years.